Scale Auto February 2014

Scale Auto February 2014

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Builder's guide to Mopar muscle V-8s
By Tim Boyd
Small-block, big-block, and street Hemi
pg. 16

Circle City Model Contest
By Jim Haught
Indianapolis, Indiana October 26, 2013
pg. 22

When a good build goes bad
By Chuck Kourouklis
How to deal with a problem buildup
pg. 24

Toledo Nationals
By Jim Haught
Sylvania, Ohio October 5, 2013
pg. 32

Weathered salvage truck
By Ken Hamilton
AMT's Ford C-600 Flatbed is a key part of this Playland Arcade diorama
pg. 38

Improve a Porsche Carrera part 2
By Bob Downie
Painting, decaling, detailing, and final assembly
pg. 42

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