Scale Auto December 2011

Scale Auto December 2011

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Build a 1960s Competition Roadster
By Tim Boyd
The wildest of stock-bodied dragsters from the late 1960s
pg. 16

Showdown 2011
By Jim Haught
Farmers Branch, Texas March 19, 2011
pg. 20

Faded paint schemes for full-body cars
By Tim Boyd
In the August 2011 issue, Tim applied faded paint schemes to dragsters. Here's how to paint full car bodies the same way - using spray cans.
pg. 22

How to scratchbuild an exhaust system
By Gregory Nielsen
Make a better set of pipes for Revell's Shelby Cobra
pg. 26

Buckeye Classic
By Jim Haught
Columbus, Ohio March 27, 2011
pg. 28

Build Tamiya's Lexus LFA
By Bob Downie
An up-close look at an unusual Japanese supercar kit
pg. 37

Portfolio: Gary Seeds
By Jim Haught
California native loves custom paint
pg. 42

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