Scale Auto August 2011

Scale Auto August 2011

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Funny Car Comparo
By Chuck Kourouklis
We review the Chi-Town Hustler and The Hawaiian: Revell's first all-new Funny Car kits in a generation.
pg. 14

Expanded Review: Detailing Lindberg's Charger police car
By Bob Downie
In the June issue, we reviewed Lindberg's new Charger Police Car kit. Here's a closer look at the kit, with some simple upgrades.
pg. 20

Expanded Review: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
By Bob Downie
Opening gullwing doors highlight this supercar kit from Revell Germany
pg. 25

NNL East 25
By Jim Haught
Car-modeling's big show in New Jersey
pg. 32

How to apply faded paint schemes with spray cans
By Tim Boyd
This forgiving technique is easy to learn and fast, too
pg. 38

Circle City Model Contest
By Jim Haught
Indianapolis, Indiana October 23, 2010
pg. 42

Expanded Review: Improve Revell Germany's Corvette ZR1
By Jay Savarese
A few easy upgrades make Revell Germany's kit better
pg. 44

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