Scale Auto June 2011

Scale Auto June 2011

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Building the Legends: Smokey Yunick's Camaro
By Dave Thibodeau
Kitbash a 1968 race car that was ahead of its time
pg. 16

How to channel a hot rod roadster
By Tim Boyd
Lower the body to hide the frame on this AMT 1929 Model A
pg. 20

NNL Western Nationals
By Jim Haught
Santa Clara, California February 26, 2011
pg. 24

Bodywork: Beyond the basics
By Bob Downie
Graft two bodies to make a concept car
pg. 32

Portfolio: Rod Maskiw
By Jim Haught
Top Canadian modeler builds a variety of cars
pg. 38

Hair spray for weathering car bodies
By Ken Hamilton
Simulate peeling paint with this unusual method
pg. 42

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