Scale Auto April 2011

Scale Auto April 2011

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Airbrushing basics
By Jay Savarese
The road to smooth, uniform finishes starts with fundamentals
pg. 16

Airbrush with the experts
By Jim Haught and Finescale Modeler staff
Experts reveal their airbrushing secrets
pg. 22

Preparing parts for airbrushing
By Clay Kemp
Make your painting sessions more productive with these tips
pg. 26

How to use two-part urethane clear
By Dave Thibodeau
Experienced modelers can get great results with careful application and proper safety equipment
pg. 32

Airbrush cleaning and troubleshooting
By Terry Thompson and Paul Boyer
Don't omit these important steps in the process
pg. 36

Your first kitbash project
By Tim Boyd
Combine kit parts to get the model you want
pg. 40

Southern Nationals
By Jim Haught
Held November 13, 2010 at Smyrna, Georgia
pg. 44

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