Scale Auto April 2010

Scale Auto April 2010

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How to use Silly Putty for masking
By Bob Downie
Get clean, crisp edges in those hard-to-get-at areas
pg. 18

How to weather with acrylics
By Dana Kawala
A model-railroader's approach to weathering Revell's 1932 Ford
pg. 22

Simulate metal using Alclad paints
By Clay Kemp
Get a realistic look using airbrush-ready metallic lacquer
pg. 26

Great results with carbon-fiber decals
By Dave Thibodeau
Add realism with these simple techniques
pg. 32

Weather with pigments
By Clay Kemp
Use armor-modeling techniques on a Chevy push truck
pg. 36

1941 Chevy: Extreme kitbashing project
By Tim Boyd
Combine several kits for a unique buildup
pg. 42

Expanded Review: Aoshima's R-35 Skyline
By Dave Thibodeau
pg. 46

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