Garden Railways April 2007

Garden Railways April 2007

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How to build a retaining wall
Concrete blocks create a functional-and decorative-structure Jason Silverman

Staff corner: Jeff Young
Working 16mm-scale lamps
Jeff Young

Building a Mack siderod-drive switcher
A Hartland engine provides the basis
Alan Olson

Cover storySierro Blanco Garden Railway
Heritage railroading-keeping the passion alive
Rick Blank

Basic DCC installation
Converting a Hartland railcar
Michael Grubermann

A short gondola for the San Pete
A Hartland flat car provides the basis for this kitbash
John G. Fowkes

Bring back the "ice age"
Casing resin provides blocks of ice for your reefers and more Ronald Rice

Garden railway design & construction
Flat-car loads: Part 2 J
ack Verducci

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