FineScale Modeler July 2014

FineScale Modeler July 2014

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Cover Story: Building Bronco's Marder II D
By Bill Plunk
Careful construction, aftermarket tracks, and good painting produce an outstanding hybrid of German and Soviet technology.
Pg. 24

Airbrushing & Finishing: Re-dressing a Bf 109 for the night
By Aaron Skinner
Painting, then overpainting, makes for a sinister Messerschmitt night fighter.
Pg. 22

Weathering with hairspray
By Marc Rocca
An easy way to model distressed paint.
Pg. 30

Carving out a conversion for a Pregnant Guppy
By Jeff Thomsen
It took scratchbuilding, woodworking, vacuum-forming, and cutting up two kits to build the monster.
Pg. 36

Quick and easy helicopter
By Don Stauffer
Build a Coast Guard HH-60J inspired by a television series.
Pg. 42

Big canopy, big detail
By Frank Cudden
Because of the large greenhouse canopy, this Brewster Buccaneer had to be all about the cockpit.
Pg. 46

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