FineScale Modeler March 2014

FineScale Modeler March 2014

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Cover story: Airbrushing with the experts
By Aaron Skinner
Aaron asked some of FSM's readers, authors, and reviewers to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about airbrushes.
Page 24

Airbrushing & Finishing
By Edward Pascuzzi
Learn how to get beautiful gloss finish from a spray can.
Page 22

Showcase: Panzer battalion workshop
It can be more fun to model misfits and workaday subjects than the aces and the legends. Modeler Tyler Pottenger shows us as much with his Hal Sanford-inspired diorama of a Tiger undergoing field repairs.
Page 32

Dial up the detail
By Richard Carrick
After a 17-year break from building models, Richard scratchbuilds superdetailed detailed parts for his one-of-a-kind 1/32 scale F4U-4 Corsair.
Page 38

Recalling the Wall
By Steve McNaughton
The forbidding gray barrier of the Berlin Wall made a lifelong impression on a young Steve McNaughton. Working from memory and references, he modeled the grim icon of the Cold War in 1/16 scale.
Page 44

Bracing broken parts
By Aaron Skinner
After breaking one of the landing-gear struts on his Fokker D.VII, Aaron mended it with blue and wire. Here's how!
Page 62

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