FineScale Modeler November 2012

FineScale Modeler November 2012

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Cover story: Kitbash a Russian tank
By Cookie Sewell
Two old kits, styrene stock, and modeling know-how produce a T-44.
Pg. 46

Airbrushing & Finishing: Add good camo to the StuH42
By Aaron Skinner
It wasn't easy to paint this scheme, but the third time was the charm.
Pg. 22

30 Years of FSM: Take it from the experts
By Mark Hembree
FSM authors offer 30 years of model-building wisdom.
Pg. 24

Show Gallery: 2012 IPMS/USA Nationals
FSM covers the big show in Florida: Here's a sneak preview.
Pg. 36

Fine fixes for a big Phantom
By Chuck Sawyer
Aftermarket parts and careful detailing are the keys to this big F-4.
Pg. 38

Build your own carrier deck
By Chris Crofoot
Scribed basswood and a few cagey cuts make a cool display base.
Pg. 44

History you can model: LTV A-7 Corsair II
By Mark Hembree
Great attack aircraft are seldom pretty.
Pg. 52

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