FineScale Modeler April 2011

FineScale Modeler April 2011

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10 steps to highlight raised panel lines
By Dave Koukol
Painting that can freshen old kits
pg. 22

Showcase Special: Battle of the Bulge diorama
This outsized display covers an area of more than 5 square feet!
pg. 26

Showcase Special: Bear Hunt
Cold War models and advanced electronics depict a USAF interception.
pg. 30

Showcase Special: Cold War fighters revealed
Dan Jayne's amazing cutaway models provide the inside story on these jets.
pg. 34

Simulate a wood finish
By Rafe Morrissey
User-friendly faux-grain painting makes plastic parts look like wood.
pg. 44

Improving Monogram's F-101B
By John Eaton
Here's a Voodoo that you can do, too!
pg. 46

Scratchbuild a bridgelayer
By Robert Foster
Use your own styrene and build a Brükenleger you can call your own.
pg. 50

History You Can Model: OV-10 Bronco
By Mark Hembree
pg. 59

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