FineScale Modeler March 2011

FineScale Modeler March 2011

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Breaking the plane
By Mark Hembree
Dan Tisoncik goes vertical to challenge the horizontal in a dramatic display.
pg. 21

Airbrushing 201
By Aaron Skinner
Now that you have an airbrush, here are some solid tips on how to use it.
pg. 24

Finish a figure and base
By Glenn Bartolotti
Get good groundwork and the German paratrooper will fall into place.
pg. 30

Mastering and casting your own resin model
By Scot Doepker
Kit not available? Make it yourself!
pg. 32

Raise the Hunley!
By Joseph Bossert
Modeling the Civil War submarine with the best information to date
pg. 44

Kitbash an anti-tank gun
By Steven Andreano
You'll get a bang out of this conversion!
pg. 48

Detailing a Harrier
By Alessandro Comandini
How to make a good kit even better
pg. 52

Kit classics
By Tom Graham
Aurora's Crusader/Richard the Lionheart
pg. 74

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