FineScale Modeler December 2010

FineScale Modeler December 2010

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Filters: A subtle addition
By Aaron Skinner
Shades of paint form fine layers that blend and tone color
pg. 20

Cover story: Foiling for realism
By Ken Friend
Create natural-metal finishes with different kinds of metal foil
pg. 22

Updating Italeri's T-26
By Tom Morgan
Scratchbuilding and painting put pizazz in this little Soviet tank
pg. 28

Mirror display: Illusion of flight
By Frank White
Reflection of a half makes a whole image for a desk- or wall-mount display
pg. 40

Showcase special: A most-ambitious Enterprise
This spectacularly appointed ship is wired for light and sound!
pg. 44

Scale modeling essentials
By Matthew Usher
Finish with test-fitting, seam removal, airbrushing, and a realistic wash
pg. 48

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