FineScale Modeler October 2010

FineScale Modeler October 2010

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Airbrushing & Finishing: The art of pre-shading
By Aaron Skinner
Undercoats add realistic contrast
pg. 18

Portfolio: David Manter
A 6-step weathering system to create fantastic finishes for armor
pg. 20

Spectacular "Crazy MiG"
By Ricardo Dacoba
Colors of the Czech "Stress Team"
pg. 24

Sure-fire Sherman
By Jim Wechsler
Sherman (Old) School Part 1
pg. 28

Paint a Stuka for night attack
By Robert Davis
Dark camouflage for a Ju 87D
pg. 40

German soldier with bicycle
By Glenn Bartolotti
Wheels, spokes, and dappled camo
pg. 44

Quick airliner conversion
By Frank Cuden
Shortening a DC-8-71 is no problem
pg. 46

Skill builder: Opening act
By Mark Hembree
Making kit alterations to add detail
pg. 49

History you can model
By Mark Hembree
Lockheed P-38 Lightning
pg. 63

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