FineScale Modeler September 2010

FineScale Modeler September 2010

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Your most wanted kits
By Mark Hembree
The results are in - all of them!
pg. 22

Airbrushing & Finishing: Super Pershing, super finish
By Glen Martin
Hairspray for heavy weathering
pg. 24

Showcase: Naval power, past and present
Bismark and Arizona, then and now
pg. 26

Your first resin cockpit
By Jeff Herne
Adding detail from the aftermarket
pg. 30

Bf 109 Part Two: Painting German camouflage
By Mark Hembree
Three colors, no waiting!
pg. 36

Armor weathering and decals
By Karl Logan
Innovative effects make a KaJaPa pop
pg. 40

Skill builder: Using self-adhesive foil
By Aaron Skinner
No need to fuss over real metal details
pg. 46

Battle-damaged Short Stirling
By Charles Lipkin
Airfix's old bomber takes a beating
pg. 48

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