FineScale Modeler May 2010

FineScale Modeler May 2010

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Your most wanted kits
By Mark Hembree
pg. 19

Masking unmasked
By Aaron Skinner
Keeping paint where you want it
pg. 20

Showcase: Avenger leads a bonds drive
Wartime filming aboard the Hornet
pg. 24

Canadian Forces LAV II
By James Wechsler
Painting and weathering winds it up
pg. 26

Build a carrier-deck diorama
By Lloyd Chidgzey
Sculpting and resin casting set the scene
pg. 30

Stretch and paint a U-boat
By Harvey Low
Converting a Special Navy German sub
pg. 34

Tank techniques & tips
By Glenn Bartolotti
Fundamentals for armor models
pg. 44

Skill builder: Trimming parts
By Aaron Skinner
The first step in a successful build
pg. 48

Applying a winter whitewash
By Bill Plunk
Finishing an Eastern Front PzKpfw IV
pg. 50

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