FineScale Modeler April 2010

FineScale Modeler April 2010

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Airbrushing & Finishing: It's olive drab, but more than one color
By Mark Hembree
Livening up a monochromatic scheme
pg. 18

Soldering basics, step by step
By Rick Lawler
A sensible skill for photoetched metal
pg. 20

Saving a Super Sabre
By Leon Simpson
Solving the problems of a vintage kit
pg. 24

Showcase: Brett McDonald's snow plow
This county truck scoops up trophies!
pg. 30

Waffling and detailing a StuG
By Bill Plunk
Resin Zimmerit and photoetched metal stoke up an old kit
pg. 32

Hal Marr's F-8E Crusader
By Paul Boyer
Academy's 1/72 scale "MiG Master"
pg. 46

Canadian Forces LAV III
By James Wechsler
A straightforward conversion
pg. 50

Kit classics
By Matthew Usher
Revell's "whip-fly" F9F-8 Cougar
pg. 74

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