FineScale Modeler March 2010

FineScale Modeler March 2010

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Airbrushing & Finishing: Sometimes masking is just hard work
By Aaron Skinner
Two rolls of tape, 40 hours of work
pg. 16

Airbrush problems and how to fix them
By Aaron Skinner
Working through common woes
pg. 18

How to date a Viper
By Pete Fleischmann
Backdating details for a Block 30 F-16
pg. 24

Give a T-34 an interior and winter camo
By Ro Annis
Reference photo inspires a unique tank
pg. 32

Build an NB-52A mother ship
By Jeff Thomsen
Converting Monogram's 1/72 scale behemoth to launch an X-15
pg. 42

Creating realistic groundwork
By Joe Hudson and Carissima M. Hudson
French and Indian War woodlands
pg. 48

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