FineScale Modeler July 2009

FineScale Modeler July 2009

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Building an Aussie Leopard

A kitbashing conversion for a big cat
By Aaron Skinner

A quick guide to Leopard kits

Spotting the differences

History You Can Model: A-10 Thunderbolt II: Warthog

Republic's legacy of ground-pounders
By Mark Hembree

Showcase: Museum-scale masterpiece

Guillermo Rojas Bazān's stunning B-17
By Kelly Shaw

Improving a great big Gato

USS Cobia surfaces in the details
By Phillip Gore

Portfolio: Contest-winners out of the box

Straightforward models that take trophies
By Mark Thompson

Backdate a Constellation

Cutting and casting for an older Connie
By Carl Knable

Kit Classics

Revell's Bell X-5
By Tom Graham

FineScale Modeler, 2009, July


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