FineScale Modeler March 2009

FineScale Modeler March 2009

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Cover Story: Learn to use photoetched metal
Scale-thin details upgrade a PzKpfw IV
By Aaron Skinner

Technique: Working with photoetched metal
More hints to help you get started and keep going
By Matthew Usher

Portfolio: This Minnesotan only builds anything
The myriad interests of master modeler Erik Zabel
By Mark Hembree

Showcase: Rescuing an old Airfix kit
RAF Rescue Launch by Alfonso Martinez Berlana
By Kelly Shaw

Technique: Easy aircraft weathering
See how to add flight time to any airplane
By Pat Hawkey

History You Can Model: Armor on armor: added protection
Spaced armor, schurzen, slats, and more
By Mark Hembree

Parts List: The M2 Bradley
Identify hardware and impress your friends!
By Matthew Usher

FineScale Modeler, 2009, March


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