FineScale Modeler January 2009

FineScale Modeler January 2009

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Show Gallery: IPMS/USA National Convention

Top modeling from America and the world
By FSM staff

Kitbash a Sukhoi Su-27P "Flanker"

Airfix kit + Hasegawa kit + skill = interceptor
By Yufei Mao
Kitbash America's monster T32 tank

Kitbash America's monster T32 tank

It takes two Pershings to build this behemoth!
By Duncan Howarth

Patton's command car

Kitbash, convert, and detail a Dodge "Beep"
By Bob Steinbrunn

Tribute: Remembering a golden age

A retrospective essay by the late modeler
By Raleigh Williams

Painting and finishing the Hetzer

Part 2 puts a tank destroyer in its place
By Karl Logan

Naval camouflage made easy

Getting serious with Silly Putty masking
By Ron Smith

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