FineScale Modeler September 2008

FineScale Modeler September 2008

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Armor How-to: Detailing a Kursk Tiger
FSM contest-winner goes to town on Tamiya's kit
By Scott Conner

Showcase: Amazing museum-scale Bf 110C
Aluminum construction, maximum accuracy
By Kelly Shaw

Aircraft How-to: Convert a Spitfire to an airshow star
A fierce fighter becomes a friendly two-seater
By Norm Sheppard

Show Gallery Special: AMPS 2008 convention
Armor modelers whoop it up in Indiana
By Aaron Skinner

Showcase: Magnificent museum-scale Mustang
Highly skilled metalworking produces a P-51D
By Kelly Shaw

Aircraft How-to: Kitbash a YRF-84F FICON
It takes two kits to model this swept-wing variant
By Darren Roberts

Aircraft How-to: Easy-to-spot Alpha Jet
A jazzy jaguar fits right in at the Tiger meet
By Ricardo Dacoba

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