FineScale Modeler April 2008

FineScale Modeler April 2008

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Portofolio: Eric Reinert's amazing armor
A deep love of history inspires this talented modeler.
By Aaron Skinner

Cover Story: Weather a natural-metal Thunderbolt
Six easy-to-learn steps lead to a realistic, battle-weary finish.
By Luciano Rodriguez

Armor How-to: Build a Panzer ace's Tiger I
Model Otto Carius' Eastern Front tank with simple kit modifications.
By Harvey Low

Aircraft How-to: Detail a Kawasaki Ki-45 "Nick"
Plenty of scratchbuilding helps update Nichimo's vintage kit.
By Carmine Mari

Aircraft How-to: Backdate an A-20 Havoc
Build an early version of Douglas' versatile bomber and apply an unusual camouflage scheme.
By Chuck Lipkin

Showcase: Dennis Gerber's B-17 vignette
A vivid portrayal of air-to-air combat.
By Mark Hembree

FineScale Modeler, 2008, April


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