FineScale Modeler January 2008

FineScale Modeler January 2008

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Cover Story: Stalingrad KV-1
A picture from the battlefield inspired this photo-realistic detailing project on Trumpeter's 1/35 scale tank kit.
By Tom Foti

Aircraft How-To: Build your first airliner
FSM's Associate Editor adds detail and after-market decals to build an eye-catching jet.
By Mark Hembree

Armor How-To: Destruction construction
Turn a perfectly good armor kit into a blown-apart, burned-out casualty of war.
By Karl Logan

Aircraft How-To: Build a better Betty
Careful painting and detailing gives Tamiya's 1/48 scale Japanese bomber a proper late-war heavily weathered appearance.
By Carmine Mari

Aircraft How-To: Natural-metal magic
Albert's 1/72 scale B-58 Hustler gets an ultra- realistic second skin of real metal.
By Albert B.M. Tureczek

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