FineScale Modeler March 2004

FineScale Modeler March 2004

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Desperation on the Eastern Front
Mike Siggins' spectacular 1/35 scale diorama portrays the Wehrmacht's last gasp.

Trumpeter's big new Corsair
By Larry Schramm
This 1/32 scale bent-wing beauty has loads of detail and plenty of ordnance.

Modeling realistic water
By Bob Santos
This simple, foolproof method uses easy-to-find materials.

Build Chuck Yeager's NF-104A
By Pat Hawkey
Model the rocket-assisted near-space Starfighter with a Hasegawa kit and a Cutting Edge conversion set.

Future - the modeler's best friend
By Matt Swan
You'll take a shine to this household product after you see how much it can do for your models.

Wire ship rigging
By Patrick Roach
Tired of drooping cables and sagging ropes? Try this fast, easy way to install realistic rigging.

No-hassle aircraft weathering
By Thomas Head Jr.
Forget the tedious masking! Create realistic faded finishes with artist's pastels.

Working with basic armor kits
By Cookie Sewell
Our step-by-step guide shows how to add pizzazz to that bare-bones kit.

Kit Classics No. 59: Varney's fleet sub
By Tom Graham
Originally from the 1940s, this may be the first American all-plastic model kit.

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