FineScale Modeler February 2004

FineScale Modeler February 2004

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Amazing dioramas and figures
Professional modeler Bruce Teal's lifelike creations capture the human side of 20th century warfare.

Convert an Iraq War RAF Tornado
By David Anderson
Upgrading Revell-Germany's 1/72 scale GR.1 to GR.4 configuration is a snap with the Airwaves conversion set.

Build an Iraqi Freedom Bradley
By Ron Poniatowski
Combine two kits to fully detail a 1/35 scale desert M2A2 armored fighting vehicle inside and out.

Detailing the Doolittle Raid USS Hornet
By Mike Ashey
Trumpeter's 1/350 scale kit of the famous World War II carrier is great straight from the box. We show how to make it even better.

Rigging wire aircraft antennas
By Al Edwards
Here's everything you need to know to make realistic low-frequency radio antennas quickly and easily.

Airbrush roundup, part two
By Matthew Usher
Wondering what a double-action airbrush can do for you? Our guide will help you find one that's best for your needs.

Six steps for realistic ruins
By Mark Theoharis
Damaged buildings will boost your diorama's realism quotient - and they're easy to build from scratch.

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