FineScale Modeler February 2003

FineScale Modeler February 2003

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Used-and-abused Helldiver
by John Adelmann
Learn the "extreme" weathering techniques that give this Revell-Monogram SB2C-4 Pacific Theater realism.

Superdetailed Coyote
by Elizabeth Dooley
François Huot won gold at AMPS 2000 with his LAV-25 reconnaissance vehicle conversion.

The grunge-look on an F-14A
by Darren Roberts
Lookin' good and dirty: Weather your Tomcat into a MiG-killing alley cat.

F-14 Tomcat kit roundup
by Darren Roberts
Our guide will help you find the right 'Cat at the hobby shop.

Winter armor camouflage
by John Robinson
Try this easy technique for simulating winter whitewash camo with artist's pastels.

Making waves with the USS Barney
by Rusty White
Master ship modeler Rusty White builds a show-quality Adams-class destroyer.

Funky VW bus conversion
by Roger Yu
C'mon, grab your board and catch the retro wave as we turn Revell's Volkswagen bus into a cool custom surf van for one.
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Renaissance figure painting
by James Welch
These basic techniques will help you paint breathtaking figures.

FineScale Modeler, 2003, February Issue Number 144


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