FineScale Modeler September 2002

FineScale Modeler September 2002

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German armor diorama. It's the end of the road for a Panther A crew in David Vickers' huge 1/15 scale diorama.

Building the IJN Fuso. A master modeler tells how he scratchbuilt an award-winning 1/700 scale Japanese battleship.

Finishing an F-4. Beauty is only skin-deep, and here's how to give your model a beautiful finish.

Converting a V-1 buzz bomb. Upgrade Testor's old kit into a U.S. Navy Loon missile.

Sanding tool roundup. A handy guide to tools that make sanding easier and faster.

Star Wars: Episode II. The story behind the visual effects: an interview with Industrial Light + Magic's Brian Gernand.

FineScale Modeler, 2002, September


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