Discover April 2014

Discover April 2014

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Works of Art Created Using Mathematics
by Julie Rehmeyer
From alien angels to hyperbolic lamp shades, these works of art were created not with paintbrush or chisel, but with equations and geometry.

Chasing the Universe's First Generation of Stars
by Steve Nadis
The earliest stars began to glow mere eons after the Big Bang. Finding them now isn't easy.

On Call in the Wild: An Expedition Doctor Combines Medicine and Adventure
by Erik Vance
Wilderness physician Matt Lewin has traveled to the nether reaches of the planet to treat scientists in the field.

The Second Coming of Sigmund Freud
by Kat McGowan
Just as the old psychoanalyst seemed destined for history's trash heap, neuroscientists are resurrecting his most defining insights.

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