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Discover January/February 2014

Discover January/February 2014

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New Signs of Long-Gone Life on Mars
by Adam Hadhazy
A spectacular nail-biter of a landing was just the beginning. This was the year Marsí rover Curiosity proved its worth by giving researchers unprecedented access to the Red Planet.

The Supreme Word on Genes
by Lisa Raffensperger
The Supreme Courtís decision in June that genes canít be patented has far-reaching consequences for research and medicine ó and for every one of us.

Carbon Dioxide Hits 400 PPM ó Does It Matter?
by Tom Yulsman
In May, the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere crossed this long-hyped threshold, setting off a storm of media coverage. But how significant is the milestone?

The Never Ending End of Privacy
by Sharon Weinberger
The unprecedented government surveillance that surfaced in the summer brought the perennial clash between technology and privacy to a new level.

Stem Cell Future
by Kat McGowan
Liver buds and brain organoids are among this year's life-saving advances in growing spare human parts.

Voyager 1 Goes Interstellar
by Adam Hadhazy
More than three decades after it left our planet, Voyager 1 entered a realm where no Earthborn spacecraft has gone before.

Two Elusive Prime Number Problems Solved
by Julie Rehmeyer
After centuries of flummoxing number crunchers, two mathematical puzzles about prime numbers were cracked this year.

Extracting Family Trees From Ancient Genomes
by Breanna Draxler
New techniques and very old bones overcome the limits of genome sequencing for prehistoric horses, ancient cave bears, and even our own early ancestors.

Childhood Obesity Reversed
by Jeff Wheelwright
For years, health professionals have been urging better nutrition and more exercise for children. Are we finally listening?

Amplituhedron May Shape the Future of Physics
by Shannon Palus
This multidimensional shape can simplify certain quantum equations ó and possibly also revolutionize physics.

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