Discover June 2013

Discover June 2013

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Transforming Computing With Technology Modeled on the Human Brain
by Adam Piore
A visionary engineer's revolutionary new chip, inspired by how our own brains work, could turn computing on its head.

Electrode Implants Get Paralyzed Patient Back on His Feet
by Nate Berg
Preliminary success treating paralysis with electrodes proves our spine can control movement independently of the brain and offers hope for some of walking again.

A Closer Look at Why Disasters Happen and How to Better Manage Them
by Linda Marsa
Earthquakes and hurricanes will always wreak havoc, but risk management expert Robert Bea says the greatest tragedies result from hubris and greed.

How to Engineer a Death-Proof a City to Survive the Next Mass Extinction Event
by Annalee Newitz
To safeguard the future of our increasingly urban species, our cities must be sturdier, healthier and more alive to avoid the next mass extinction.

Struggling to Save Sharks from Extinction
by Erik Vance
For years, sharks have been hunted for their valuable fins, but now most of these vital ocean predators have vanished from the deep.

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