Discover April 2013

Discover April 2013

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Better Nature: Technologies Inspired by the Natural World
by Gregory Mone
At Harvard, researchers absorb the lessons of the natural world, from the human immune system to an insect-trapping plant, then tweak them to create bold, new technologies for health.

Seeds of Conflict
by Andrew Curry
Genetically modified corn and soy dominate U.S. farms, but activist raids have kept Europe GMO-free. The fight over the next Green Revolution has just begun.

Paleomythic: How People Really Lived During the Stone Age
by Marlene Zuk
A growing movement seeks to reproduce the hunter-gatherer lifestyle: running barefoot, pondering polygamy, relying on a diet of meat. But even our ancestors never lived this way. And besides, modern humans have evolved.

Creating Art from Microbes and Molecules
by Steve Nadis
Maverick Joe Davis creates art—and controversy—out of bacteria, deep space transmissions, and lightning.

Rare Form of Dwarfism Protects Against Cancer
by Gary Taubes
In a remote corner of Ecuador, doctors researching a rare form of dwarfism make a startling discovery: People who inherit the genetic defect may be immune to cancer and other diseases.

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