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Discover January/February 2013

Discover January/February 2013

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1. Higgs: What causes the weight of the world
by Tim Folger
Physicists have identified the "God" particle responsible for all matter in the universe, coming closer to a theory of everything.

2. Robo-Geologist Lands on Mars
by Andrew Grant
After enduring seven minutes of terror, NASA's $2.5 billion rover is already finding proof that the Red Planet was once hospitable to life.

3. A Census of Your Insides
by Kat McGowan
A pioneering project is mapping the microbes that live inside us all, and showing how they can be tapped to fight colitis, asthma, and cancer.

4. Earth Goes to Extremes
by Linda Marsa
Record heat waves, droughts, floods, and melting: In 2012 our planet's weather went places it had never gone before, leading to a string of costly and destabilizing environmental disasters.

5. Old Dads Yield New Mutations
by Jill Neimark
Elderly fathers pass along many more DNA errors than do young ones—a source of genetic diversity, but also a possible driver of autism and other disorders.

6. The Private Spaceflight Era Begins
by Gregory Mone
Enterprising companies are jostling to conquer the new orbital economy.

7. Debut of the Mind-Controlled Robots
by Kevin Berger
Using a brain implant, a paralyzed stroke victim directed a robotic arm to accomplish basic tasks. People who cannot control their limbs may soon regain movement and independence.

8. Mapping the Dark Cosmos
by Tim Folger
Dark matter—the unseen stuff that makes up more than four-fifths of the matter in the universe—is finally coming into view. What we see may change our entire picture of reality.

9. Social Jet Lag
by Erik Ness
Irregular sleep patterns associated with intense weekday work may drive diabetes and obesity. And sleep deprivation boosts the risk of hypertension, Alzheimer's, even cancer.

10. Natural Gas Boom Rewrites the Energy Rules
by Jesse David Jenkins
Fracking has finally challenged coal's dominance.

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