Discover December 2012

Discover December 2012

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Planet Hunter
by Andrew Grant
Meet the man behind Kepler, the planet-finding telescope that is hot on the trail of Earth-like worlds.

The Bypass Cure
by Bijal P. Trivedi
Type 2 diabetes can be reversed in the operating room. The implications are staggering for halting one of America’s deadliest diseases.

Hot Science
by Valerie Ross
In 2012 we learned the value of a smartphone photo filter, went fishing in the desert, and survived the apocalypse several times over. Here are the highs (and a few lows) from the year in geek culture.

The Cooperation Instinct
by Kristin Ohlson
In a dog-eat-dog world, people still 
cooperate, collaborate, and help each other out. Our species’ urge to work together has remained 
an evolutionary paradox, seemingly at odds with Darwinian theory—until now. 

Big Idea: Help Stressed Vets With Sim Coaches
by Adam Piore
A team of characters sporting flight suits and buzz cuts helps troops 
confront post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Crazy or Brilliant?

by Jordan Hollender
Science is a risky business, argue leading 
researchers in a special DISCOVER roundtable. 
You have to gamble big to win big.

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