Discover November 2012

Discover November 2012

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The Future of Energy: Earth, Wind,
by Eric A. Powell
Our biggest sources of energy basically rely on fire—burning fossil fuels. To build a sustainable energy future, we have to start relying on the other three classical elements.

Frozen. Irradiated. Desolate. Alive?
by Gregory Mone
A rebellious young scientist 
makes the case that Jupiter’s icy moon 
Europa could host thriving life.

Your Cancer, Your Cure: How New Genetic Tests Are Saving Lives
by David Ewing Duncan
Potent new cancer 
treatments come with a big catch: They tend to work on just a few people. New ways to match the right drug with the right patient could finally 
lead to a genuine 

Into the Permian Woods
by Josie Garthwaite
In Mongolia, 298-million-year-old plant fossils paint a portrait of what life was like long before the dinosaurs.

How Infinite In Faculty
by Ray Kurzweil
Future machines will exhibit a full range of human traits and help answer one of
science’s most important questions: What is consciousness?

False Eyewitness
by Douglas Starr
“Who are you going 
to believe? Me or your lying 

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