Discover September 2012

Discover September 2012

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on the 
High Seas
by Adam Piore
Autonomous communities, 
floating in international waters, would allow political pioneers to test novel forms of government.

Controlling Brains With a Flick of a Light Switch
by Amy Barth
Using the new science of optogenetics, scientists can activate or shut down neural pathways, altering behavior and heralding a true cure for psychiatric disease.

The Voyage to Find Out How Earth Was Born
by Tim Folger
A daredevil spacecraft is giving us our first look at the asteroid Vesta—a unique survivor from the demolition derby that created our own celestial home.

Can Facebook-Style Elections Produce Candidates We Actually "Like"?
by David H. Freedman
In the coming decade, 
online primaries and elections might loosen 
America’s gridlock politics.

Building a Better World With Chemicals
New materials could let us make everything from programmable matter to materials that heal themselves.

High-Tech Backlash

by Nina Burleigh
After the Arab Spring: A chilling reminder that social media can foster political oppression.

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