The Brain Spring 2012

The Brain Spring 2012

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Building a better brain:
How technology will help you think, feel, and remember better

Find out how we really perceive reality.
Medical Files: Why did a healthy young man suddenly fall into a coma?
Meet the strange mental disorder of face blindness.

Explore key developments and findings by eminent leaders in the field of neuroscience in DISCOVER’s new special issue, The Brain.

• Learn about cognitive scientist Mike Gazzaniga’s research into how we maintain stable identities while responding to a constantly changing world.

• Probe the mysteries of the brain’s internal rhythms that give rise to our perceptions and thoughts with renowned neurobiologist Rodolfo Llinas.

• Eavesdrop on legendary neuroscientist Antonio Damasio and writer Siri Hustvedt discussing the flexible nature of memory and how our minds define who we are.

• And much more!

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