Cabin Life May 2014

Cabin Life May 2014

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Hooked on Logs
A couple takes a hands-on approach to achieve their dream of owning a fly-fishing retreat.
pg. 24

3 Kitchen Makeovers
Get ideas for your remodel by checking out these projects from across the U.S. COVER STORY
pg. 34

Thrifty DIY Décor
6 easy ways to add personality to your getaway without breaking the bank.
pg. 40

Hot Boats for the Cabin: Deck Boats
Four boats that offer the maximum capacity for family, friends and fun!
pg. 44

Gold Medal Memories
One cabin goer discovers her personal best.
pg. 48

The 411 on Bug Repellents
One type does not fit all.
pg. 50

What You Need to Know About PFDs
Who will be using it and how determines which style of life jacket is the right choice.
pg. 52

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