Cabin Life June 2013

Cabin Life June 2013

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See More Wildlife
By following a few tips, you and your family can make your nature hikes even more memorable.
pg. 24

Hot Boats: Pontoons
Pontoon boats can do virtually anything other boats can do and without leaving as many family members behind.
pg. 29

Stand-Up Paddleboarding
What a great way to experience a lake!
pg. 32

Mountain Lodge Remodel
One family makes a river cabin come to life by bringing the outside in. COVER STORY
pg. 36

Eat, Drink and Be Married
Insider advice for hosting a wedding/reception at the cabin.
pg. 44

Sleeping a Crowd
Easy and comfortable solutions for a restful stay at the cabin.
pg. 48

Custom Floor Plan
Expert tips from an architect on modifying a cabin design to fit your family.
pg. 51

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