Cabin Life October 2012

Cabin Life October 2012

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The Secret Lives of Turtles
A slew of specialized adaptations make these well-camouflaged reptiles some of Earthís most ancient creatures.
pg. 24

Hard-Working ATVs
Make your outdoor work into play! (Or at least a little easier.)
pg. 28

Passing Down the Beloved Family Retreat
Do you have a plan to protect your legacy so your children or grandchildren can successfully inherit and share your cabin?
pg. 34

The Ailing Cabin: Do You Renovate or Rebuild?
Six questions from industry experts that you need to ask before deciding how to upgrade a cabin that has major issues.
pg. 40

Welcome Back
It took vision to breathe new life into this reclaimed ranch thatís all about the guests. COVER STORY
pg. 44

And Your Favorite Cabin Design Is ...
We tallied nearly 5,000 votes from cabin lovers rooting for their favorite design in our first ever student design competition.
pg. 52

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