Cabin Life June 2012

Cabin Life June 2012

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Build a One-Board Birdhouse
Its fun, educational even magical to build a birdhouse for the cabin with your kids and then see what feathered friends move in.
pg. 22

Prevent Animal Attacks
What to do if you come across a potentially dangerous animal while hiking.
pg. 26

Family-Friendly Kayaks & Canoes for 2012
Versatile seating and storage options make these new craft fun and family-friendly.
pg. 30

Should You Build Your Own Dock?
DIY kit docks can be a great option for replacing your must-have link between land and water.
pg. 32

Stop Exotic Species from Invading Our Waters
In the battle against aquatic invasive species, anglers & boaters catch a lot of heat. But water gardeners and aquarists are not off the hook.
pg. 39

Capture Adirondack Style
To give your getaway a bit of Adirondack style, have fun incorporating one or more of these 10 key elements.
pg. 42

The Adirondack Chair Revisited
8 designers offer a fresh take on this beloved classic.
pg. 44

A Superior Remodel
A Minnesota retreat on Lake Superior borrows its style from the Adirondacks, a style that fits this family to a K.
pg. 48

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