Cabin Life April 2012

Cabin Life April 2012

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Frogs: Nature's Ultimate Transformers
These hoppers metamorphose, switch habitat between land and water, and change up their camo to blend with their surroundings.
pg. 20

Try Backyard Wiffle Golf
Challenge your friends and family in the 1st Annual Cabin Open!
pg. 23

How to Get Started Sailing at the Cabin
All it takes is a little curiosity, a few beginner lessons, and a simpler boat than you think to take a wind-powered joyride on your lake.
pg. 24

Hammer Flowers to Make Art
Grab some flowers from the cabin wilderness, and try this fun technique with the kids to make the flowers and your memories last a lifetime.
pg. 28

Never Get Lost Again
… If you keep your head, that is. Learn how to get found if you accidently get lost, and find out how to hike smarter next time.
pg. 32

Reclaiming History in Montana
A 19th-century homestead gets a semi-modern makeover.
pg. 34

Great Kitchens for Hanging Out In
At the cabin, there’s no such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen. Get inspired by these 5 beautiful designs.
pg. 40

Instant & Endless Hot Water: Is it Really for You?
We answer your top questions about tankless water heaters.
pg. 46

A Vintage Beach Cottage Turns Traveler
This early-20th-century bungalow caught a barge from Canada to the U.S., then uprooted one more time to capture a world-class view.
pg. 48

15 Practical Landscaping Tips You Can Use Today
Experts from New York’s Adirondacks and Wisconsin’s lakes regions show you how to beautify your property, cabin-style!
pg. 52

Use Stackable Bricks to Beautify Your Foundation
How easy is this project? LEGO easy.
pg. 54

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