Cabin Life February 2012

Cabin Life February 2012

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Simple Retreats
Get inspired! Check out 7 small getaways that are easy to care for, easy on the environment and big on style. COVER STORY
pg. 33

Rained Out? Make Your Own Movie!
To keep boredom at bay, collaborate with the kids to produce a family movie, transforming a foul-weather weekend into a filmmaking festival.
pg. 22

Common Loon: Artiste of the Water
For more than 25 million years, the common loon has been a master of lake living, performing haunting songs, artful dives, and impressive dances.
pg. 24

Help Keep Loons on Your Lake
If natural loon habitat is disappearing on your lake, an artificial nesting platform may help keep these icons of the North calling your waters home sweet home.
pg. 27

Sharing the Cabin: Keep a calendar and keep the peace!
Learn tricks from cabin-sharing veterans to ensure everyone gets time at the cabin.
pg. 29

Stock Your Family's Tackle Boxes
Get expert tips on how to prep your gear now so you’re ready for spring fishing.
pg. 30

A Cabin Built For Relaxation
Peek inside this rustic log home with an up-north feel and beautiful handcrafted details.
pg. 38

Solutions for Crowded Cabin Entryways
Use these 10 tips to shape up this common trouble area in no time!
pg. 46

Do-It-Yourselfers Revamp a Tiny Cabin
With some TLC, and a couple of strategic additions, a well-sited fixer-upper becomes a beloved retreat one project at a time.
pg. 50

Rain Barrels Made Simple
Collecting, storing and using Mother Nature’s water supply has never been easier.
pg. 54

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