Cabin Life December 2011

Cabin Life December 2011

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Winter Survival!
From bears to bats, find out how some creatures endure the bluster and blizzards.
pg. 20

Photo Album: Winter Wonderland
Readers share 10 photos that freeze-frame the fun as well as the crisp, quiet beauty of winter.
pg. 24

One Family's Backcountry Misadventures
When cross-country skiers take a few wrong turns, a mini vacation becomes a true story of winter survival ... and fun!
pg. 26

Take the Plunge!
Cabin neighbors welcome every new year with a chilly dunk in the lake.
pg. 32

Log Home Remodel
The maverick redo of a mountaintop cabin reveals endless vistas. COVER IMAGE
pg. 34

DIY Winterizing Tips
Learn nine ways to protect your place from the frosty elements.
pg. 40

An Easy Kitchen Makeover
Why tear out your kitchen when you can just give your cabinets a facelift?
pg. 42

Water Solutions: Low-Flow is the Way to Go
Great tips on how to conserve water at the cabin.
pg. 44

A Gift that Keeps on Giving
Walk through a beloved cabin designed for six siblings and their families.
pg. 46

Storage Ideas: Clever Bookshelf Solutions
Architects, builders, and even Cabin Life readers share their thoughtful tips on how you can fit a book nook into your cabin.
pg. 52

Whimsical Taj Ma'Outhouse
At this northwoods cabin, functional is also fun.
pg. 54

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