Cabin Life April 2011

Cabin Life April 2011

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That's Entertainment
Hosting family and friends goes hand-in-hand with time at the cabin.
pg. 9

Clips & Tips
Bookshelf: Bird Cloud, The Natural Navigator.
Safety: 10 plants poisonous to your pets.
Skipper Test: Test your knowledge.
Bird Watch: White-throated sparrow.
Yard & Garden: 10 tough garden flowers.
Paddlesports: How to hold your paddle.
Easy Hiking: Advances in trekking poles.
pg. 10

Wild Things: Big Cats
Catch a glimpse of these ultimate stealth predators if you can.
pg. 14

The Perfect Fishing Spot
Fish love structure, and if you want to catch them, you should too.
pg. 18

Best Boats: Fish & Ski
Four top picks made for family fun & fishing.
pg. 20

Pontoon Mania!
Some of our favorite pontoon pics from 10 years of Cabin Life.
pg. 22

Cabin Country Artisans
These artists from the Northeast draw inspiration from the splendor around them.
pg. 24

The wonders of a clean, well-lighted shop.
pg. 27

DIY: Window Boxes
Add charm to your cabin with this project.
pg. 28

Quick & Easy Gourmet
Time-saving & delicious slow-cooker recipes.
with recipes for:
Slow-cooked Beef Stew, Chocolate Raisin Bread Pudding.
pg. 32

Grill Master
Cheese-stuffed veggies!
with recipes for:
Spicy Stuffed Tomatoes, Sausage-stuffed Red Peppers, Cream Cheese-stuffed Mushrooms.
pg. 34

Living the Dream
This cabin is worth the 4-hour drive.
pg. 36

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