Cabin Life February 2011

Cabin Life February 2011

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a dangerous close-up?
Getting the perfect photo safely.
pg. 9

clips & tips
Bookshelf: Butterflies and honeybees.
Bird Watch: Gray jay.
Boating Quiz: Test your knowledge.
Inflatables: A pontoon you can carry.
Cool Stuff: Fantastic firepits.
Fun & Games: Your top cabin board games.
Pets: This dog can jump!
pg. 10

10 best photos
Editors pick the 10 top “kids at the cabin” reader photos from the past 10 years.
pg. 14

meet an ice age giant
A closer glimpse into the life of the moose.
pg. 16

sporty soles
High-tech footwear for low-tech hiking.
pg. 18

the opposite of cold
Book excerpt: Peek into the fascinating tradition and history of the Finnish sauna.
pg. 20

This cabin adventure has . . . manatees?
pg. 22

accessorize your dock
From seating to storage, get the most from your favorite cabin accessory.
pg. 24

best boats: water sports
These four crafts redefine fun on the water.
pg. 28

cleaning fish
The perfect way to make a fillet.
pg. 30

living the dream
4 generations later, this cabin has become the family gift that keeps on giving.
pg. 31

quick & easy gourmet
Refuel with these simple, delicious snacks.
with recipes for: Chunky Cereal Bars
& Cheesy Popcorn Pretzel Snack Mix.
pg. 32

grill master
The secret to delicious,
golden-brown grilled flatbreads.
with recipes for: Cheese Flatbread,
Herb Flatbread & Pesto Flatbread.
pg. 33

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