Cabin Life December 2010

Cabin Life December 2010

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Snow Day
Get the most out of unexpected winter fun.
pg. 11

clips & tips
Bookshelf: A pair of unconventional arts & crafts books.
Stargazing: Donít miss this meteor shower.
Bird Watch: Dark-eyed junco.
Boat Shows: What kind of shopper are you?
Winter Grilling: Frigid days but full of flavor!
Road Trip: 5 great family car games.
Decorating: Make your own ornaments!
pg. 12

A little magical intervention helps one man remember to live in the moment.
pg. 16

heated hiking gear
This year, stay warm and dry on your outdoor winter adventures.
pg. 18

ice fishing demystified
A newbie shares the tale of her first winter angling experience.
pg. 20

choosing snowshoes
The info you need to pick the perfect pair.
pg. 20

powersports quiz
Do you have room in your heart (and garage) for a new machine?
pg. 24

living the dream
Relax: A simple message that these cabin lovers have learned to take to heart.
pg. 25

quick & easy gourmet
Smoking fish isnít as difficult as you think.
with recipes for:
Easy Smoked Fish,
Smoked Salmon Dip.
pg. 26

grill master
The secret to the perfect grilled duck.
with a recipe for:
Grilled Duck Without Tears.
pg. 28

holiday entertaining
31 fresh ideas for festive occasions.
pg. 30

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