Cabin Life May 2010

Cabin Life May 2010

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Capturing the Moment
How to take that perfect picture.
pg. 9

Clips & Tips
Insurance: Read this before you buy!
Bookshelf: Two great titles about Maine.
Skipper Test: Test YOUR knowledge!
Bird Watch: Broad-winged hawk.
Cool Stuff: Hot new fishing gear.
Summer Drink: Lynchburg lemonade.
Pets: Dangerous plants in your garden.
Wakeboarding: The latest innovations.
Photo Tip: Preserving precious memories.
pg. 10

What is it? Here’s expert advice to help you shred some waves.
pg. 16

Man vs. Nature vs. Muskie.
pg. 18

Wild Things: A closer, gentler look at this fearsome predator.
pg. 19

Best Pontoon Boats
Four fine, floating fun pads for your place.
pg. 22

Hold on to Your Shoreline
These 15 DIY techniques for controlling erosion can be fantastically effective.
pg. 24

Living the Dream
A family takes “rustic” to a whole new level.
pg. 27

Canoeing Basics
Make paddling easier – and ensure your sense of humor and friendship with your copilot remain intact.
pg. 28

Quick & Easy Gourmet
Brunch! It’s everyone’s favorite. Wow your guests with this egg-cellent dish.
pg. 30

Grill Master
The North against the South in a BBQ battle! With recipes for:
North Carolina Barbequed Pork on the Grill & N.C. Red Barbeque Sauce.
pg. 32

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