Cabin Life April 2010

Cabin Life April 2010

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Great Ideas for a relaxing retreat
39 tips for kicking back and recharging.
pg. 11

Clips and tips
Boating Safety: PFDs by the numbers.
Bookshelf: Lipsmackin’ Backpackin’; Possum Living.
Skipper Test: Test YOUR knowledge!
Bird Watch: Yellow-rumped warbler.
Cool Stuff: Inflatable kayaks.
pg. 12

The real value of home improvements.
pg. 16

All About Bears
Wild Things: Getting a perfect photo of these magnificent
animals proves a challenge.
pg. 17

Best Fish and Ski Boats
The ultimate aquatic multitaskers.
pg. 20

Man Overboard
How to survive an unexpected swim
if you flip your canoe or kayak.
pg. 22

Pontoon Mania
Readers showcase the endless ways
they enjoy their floating fun pads!
pg. 24

To Catch or to Release
Tips & tricks to have fun fishing today –
and again in the future.
pg. 26

Following Footprints
Find some interesting tracks on the trail?
Use these clues to help you separate the suspects.
pg. 28

Living the Dream
A cabin gets an unexpected makeover.
pg. 31

Grill Master
Grilling for a crowd!
With recipes for:
Chicken Wings for Everyone You Know,
Multiple Racks of Lamb for Many,
Pork Tenderloins for a Mob.
pg. 32

Profile of a Chef
Making cabin comfort food at Fontana Village Resort in North Carolina.
pg. 34

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