Cabin Life February 2007

Cabin Life February 2007

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By Diana Faherty

Celebrating the best ideas, tips, trends, advice and activities in cabin country.

These are 100 of my favorite things!

There are hundreds of reasons to love life at the cabin: vivid sunsets, frisky wildlife, s’mores and more!

And there are hundreds of things that can make your time there more relaxing and enjoyable: easy recipes, easy-maintenance decking, a just-right dock.

In this special issue of Cabin Life, we’ve pulled together the Cabin Life 100: a collection of the best things to do, the best things to know, the best stuff to check out if you have a cabin, cottage, lakehome or lodge.

Turn the pages and you will find infinitely fun, useful and entertaining articles, tips and ideas – more than 100 of them!

First, start out with the Cabin Living section, which focuses on recreation, activities, recipes and financial tips. Some of the gems in this section:
• How to concoct a harrowing ghost story around the campfire – and recipes for some fireside treats.
• The most-requested recipes from the Grill Master.
• An introduction to estate planning, your guarantee for keeping the the cabin in the family.
• The best canoe for three or four paddlers.
• How to choose the very best boat based on your family’s needs.
• The best dock configurations for fishing, boating or sunbathing.
• Must-have books for cabin advice.

Then jump on to the Cabin Home section with its stories on designing, planning, building, renovating and decorating style. In this section you will find:
• Must-know tips for designing a cabin when young children are in the mix.
• Five great new innovations in window technology. (Would you believe a picture window that vents?)
• The best mousetrap – ever. Plus advice on discouraging other cabin pests.
• How to design the perfect deck – with room to move.
• How to cope with workers who are on “cabin time.”
• The best types of exterior paints and stains for your place.
• The most inspiring books for ideas on building and décor.

Future issues of Cabin Life also will be separated into Cabin Living and Cabin Home sections.

But for now, have fun flipping through these pages. And let us know about some of your favorite things!

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